To determine the most accurate results, before testing the speed of the Internet connection, it is advisable to close all programs that consume much Internet traffic. For example: torrent trackers, various download managers, websites with online audio and video.

Checking the speed through our service will let you know the download speed (the transfer of data from the Internet to your device) and the upload speed (the transfer of data from your device to our server), the time of connection of your provider to our web server, and compare your indicators with the national average.

If checked speed in result differs from the declared by the provider by more than 10%, then probably there are problems. In such cases, we recommend you to re-test after 30 minutes.

If yout Internet does not work regularly - we recommend to choose a more reliable internet service provider. Here on the site we collect statistics and reviews on all wired and wireless ISP in the USA - choose the best!

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Strict internet speed test