Wi-Fi Internet Speed Test

For the most precise internet speed test, it’s recommended to switch off the downloading programs, internet radio and YouTube. To be 100% sure repeat the speed test minimum twice.

Frequently asked questions

  • ping

    Ping time

  • jitter


  • download speed

    Download speed

  • upload speed

    Upload speed

What is the internet speed test?

Our speedtest is to help to measure the real speed your provider supply you with, If the speed is much slower than the provider claim, it’s recommended to call and request the reasons from the company. Using our speedtest you will be able to check:

  1. Upload speed
  2. Download speed
  3. PING – the time spent on sending information/data set to the server and back
  4. IP address – your computer’s unique address in the Internet
  • stat

    24% of Internet users do not realize that their ISP reduces their internet speed.

What does the internet speed depend on?

The internet speed depend directly on the type of the internet connection you are using. Nowadays the most popular are:

  • ADSL – this type uses the phone line. This technology has the division of the frequency/from those where the voice goes, therefore the line is free even while being actively used.
  • FTTB – it’s based on the usage of the fiber-optic cable which is connected to the transmitter in the subscriber’s building and then the twisted pair is outstretched. Nowadays it’s the most popular way of connection.
  • 3G/4G –this type is used in mobile nets .The USB modem is used for laptops and computer connection while for the net 3G/4G routers

In fact, there are no problems with wire connection, whereas wireless might be troublesome. The more gadgets are attached to the router the lower the speed might be. We recommend that you always change the factory password of the WiFi network to a more secure one using a password generator app.

Apart from the equipment, the speed can be influenced by software that uses the traffic mainly.

If the internet speed differs more than 10% one more measuring is advisable or use the same services, for example speedtest.net. If the result remains the same, call the provider for the reasons.

What is the preferable/ideal speed for games, videos and skype?

It’s frequently asked how to define the ideal minimum of speed. Actually it depends on the purposes of the usage.

If you just need to use the social networking sites thus you don’t need more than 3 Mbps

Can’t live without watching videos – less than 20 Mbps is not even worth considering-will waste time and lose patience.

Fond of online games? In this case, the internet speed is not so vital as the quality of the connection, ping precisely (up to 10 msec) and the absence of packet loss.

  • skype

    For Skype, it's important to have a stable upload speed

  • youtube

    And it is important to have a stable download speed

  • game

    In online games in addition to the speed you need to have a good ping up to 10ms

Which providers are the fastest in the New Zealand in 2020?

If you are not satisfied with the service quality and the cost of the wireless providers, we present the number of the best ones:

What is the average speed in my city?

With a help of our service you can compare the average figures in the city. The grid shows the average mobile and wireless connection for the cities where more than 1000 measurements occurred.

City Download speed Upload speed


69 Mbps

37 Mbps


62 Mbps

35 Mbps


74 Mbps

41 Mbps

Manukau City

76 Mbps

42 Mbps


67 Mbps

37 Mbps

North Shore

69 Mbps

37 Mbps


53 Mbps

29 Mbps


78 Mbps

44 Mbps


57 Mbps

32 Mbps

Lower Hutt

75 Mbps

41 Mbps

Palmerston North

56 Mbps

31 Mbps


74 Mbps

41 Mbps


70 Mbps

39 Mbps


64 Mbps

36 Mbps


58 Mbps

32 Mbps


56 Mbps

32 Mbps


58 Mbps

33 Mbps


77 Mbps

45 Mbps

New Plymouth

74 Mbps

42 Mbps


63 Mbps

35 Mbps